Bonsai Entertainment Corporation -- Press Release

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Steven Montenegro
Product Manager
Joseph Moses
(516)-789-2676	For Immediate Release, August 26, 1996

Disney Signs up Bonsai Entertainment for MAUI MALLARD

Disney Interactive awarded Bonsai Entertainment Corporation the Nintendo GameBoy development contract for Maui Mallard, an original game still under development in the studios of Disney Interactive.

Maui is a multi-level platform game staring Donald Duck who can become a Ninja -AKA-'MAUI MALLARD'. "Bonsai Entertainment was selected for this contract based upon its extensive experience with huge licenses and Bonsai's proven development record," said a source inside Disney.

"We are most proud to have been recognized by Disney, as a company that can help them with Maui Mallard" said Joseph Moses, President and CEO of Bonsai Entertainment, "Disney is the world's leader in original content development and to be working with them is a real treat. We intend to go all out for Disney and just looking at Maui Mallard, we all know it will be a smash-hit at retail!"

"Donald Duck" and "Maui Mallard" are Registered trademark of The Walt Disney Company


Copiague, NY-based Bonsai Entertainment is a leading developer of Interactive Entertainment content for Nintendo, Sony, SEGA and Windows compatible video game systems. Bonsai is also a Publisher of PC and SONY compatible software. Bonsai Entertainment is a privatly held company, established in 1992 by brothers Joseph and Charles Moses. Bonsai Entertainment is located approximately 30 miles east of New York City. For more information write: Bonsai Entertainment, P.O. Box 268, Copiague, NY 11726.