Bonsai Entertainment Corporation -- Press Release

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Steven Montenegro
Product Manager
Joseph Moses
(516)-789-2676	For Immediate Release, December 1, 1993

'Barbie Super Model' coming to Bonsai Entertainment

HiTech Entertainment awarded Bonsai Entertainment Corporation the SEGA GAMEGEAR development contract for Barbie®Super Model, an original game to be based upon the Genesis version developed at Tahoe Productions. Barbie Super Model will have lots of appeal for the girls market, normally ignored by most games.

Bonsai Entertainment was approved by Mattel and HiTech Entertainment after the original developer went out of business. "We are very excited about working with Mattel on the Barbie Super Model project", said Joseph Moses, President and CEO of Bonsai Entertainment, "Barbie is a tremendous license and we know Barbie will be a huge success on the GameGear."

In 'Barbie Super Model' the player controls Barbie as she drives a car in Hollywood, roller-blades along the beaches of Hawaii, rides a bike in Central Park, or walks through Vail, Colorado. Other exciting activities include memory games with the player dressing and making up Barbie as she appeared on a magazine cover.

"Barbie" is a Registered trademark of Mattel, Inc.


Copiague, NY-based Bonsai Entertainment is a leading developer of Sega and Nintendo compatible video games and a Publisher of PC and MPC compatible software. Interactive titles have recently been completed for GameGear, Genesis, Sega-CD, Gameboy and Super NES. Established in 1992 by brothers Joseph and Charles Moses, Bonsai Entertainment is located approximately 30 miles east of New York City. For more information write: Bonsai Entertainment, P.O. Box 268, Copiague, NY 11726.