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Sesame Street: Elmo's ABCs Sesame Street: Elmo's ABCs
Release Date: 1998
Developer: Bonsai Entertainment Corporation

Rating: Early Childhood ( Edutainment )


Are you ready to read through the alphabet with Elmo? No? Well, you just might have a few children who are! Elmo's ABCs is a learning game designed specifically for preschoolers between the ages of three and six. The aim of the game is to reinforce four areas of reading: basic spelling; letter recognition and matching; upper and lower case matching; and word recognition and matching. These lessons are accomplished with the help of Elmo, who will serve as a guide throughout the game's six levels.

The first three levels show Elmo in the center of the screen with a letter covering his furry red belly. The object is to find a matching letter from a series of balls that Elmo juggles around the screen. If the child finds the correct match, the letter will float into a basket and play will resume for two more rounds. Once the basket is full, Elmo can take a swing at the strength-o-meter just for fun!

The fourth level involves spelling a three-letter word by matching letters. Elmo will juggle a series of balls as in the previous three levels, and the child must find the matching letter to fit the word in question. After three successful tries, Elmo will once again try his luck at the strength-o-meter. The fifth and sixth games have three-letter words with one letter missing; game five is missing the first letter and game six is missing the last letter. The child must then watch the juggling balls to find an appropriate letter to complete the word. As always, Elmo will gladly take another shot at the strength-o-meter to wrap up the level.

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